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The thought of downsizing usually bring negative connotations with it–but it doesn’t have to!

Even if you have loved your home and your life there for many years, there can come a time that it’s just way too much for what you need or can afford, and deep down, you don’t really see yourself there any more. Your life has changed, or perhaps will be changing. And a smaller home may be a better fit for your new lifestyle.

If you’ve been hesitant about such a move, it’s understandable if you’ve only focused on the negative. But having less space and stuff in a downsized home can actually bring you so much more freedom in your life. And that’s a good thing!

Start to imagine what you could do with the freedom of more money, more time, and more opportunities to enjoy your life.

Living in a smaller home means you aren’t saddled with certain responsibilities anymore, aren’t worried about long to-do lists, or aren’t disappointed you can’t enjoy the lifestyle you now envision for yourself.

Look at downsizing as a new chapter of your life — and see how you can benefit from embracing this uncluttered, limitless, and enhanced life. Focus on what you’ll gain from a smaller home, not what you’ll lose!

Change Your Mindset

If you view this move as a positive, you’ll be more inclined to time it right and not feel as burdened by the idea of downsizing. Picture what you want your life to look like and embrace the decision to downsize so that you can be an active part of the process from start to finish. That way you can create a more seamless and less stressful experience as you make the move to a smaller home.

Less CAN Be More

Your mindset is powerful so try to focus on what you will gain, not what you’ll lose when you downsize.

You’ll find that a smaller home and a better-suited location will bring you so much more:

  • More financial freedom — use the profits from the sale of your current home to invest, have more liquidity, or put toward a less costly home.
  • More time — less responsibilities and maintenance to-do lists give your life more flexibility.
  • More funds for retirement — less costly mortgage payments, utilities, and property taxes mean more money for your nest egg.
  • More opportunities and experiences — travel without worry or take up hobbies with your extra funds.
  • More chances to see family and friends — enjoy loved ones near and far with fewer restrictions on your time and budget.
  • More accessibility and convenience — move about easily and freely in a home with the right floor plan, amenities, or neighborhood.
  • More fun and relaxation — free to do what you want with less stress and less worries.

See how downsizing can bring a lot MORE into your life!

Let’s Strategize to Make It Happen

I hope this article has helped you see how much you can gain when you move to a smaller home. With my knowledge and experience, I can help you every step of the way. There’s a lot that goes into a move like this and together we can come up with a plan and a timeframe.

Working with me, you’ll see that downsizing doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you’ve been afraid of starting the process. I’ll also make sure you’re ready for each step if you’ve been afraid of change or the unknown. And if a family member or anyone else who has been thinking that downsizing could be the right move for them but feel overwhelmed or have a negative mindset about it, I’d love to help them see the positives of such a move.

The first step is scheduling a time to talk so I can learn more about you or whoever else needs to be involved. Reach out to me whenever you are ready to chat and well before you are ready to make a move! 

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