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Home Buying 101

You are almost a homeowner! But before you can celebrate, you’ve got to gear up for a successful settlement day. And that means no surprises, no delays, and no leaving without the keys to your new home. There is a lot to do on the days leading up to your closing and settlement. You’ll be […]

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You don’t want any surprises when you close on a home. As a buyer, ensuring a smooth transition to becoming a homeowner should be set in motion well before you sit down with the sellers that day. Here’s a handy breakdown with your pre-closing to-do’s. That way you’re all prepared for when your settlement day […]

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You don’t want any nasty surprises after you move into your new home, right?!  Getting a professional home inspection is one very important step you need to take once you’re under contract. Your contract will include a contingency that gives you a certain number of days to complete an inspection.  Once you have the results, […]

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Once you’re under contract to buy a home, you want the final stages of the mortgage process to go smoothly – you don’t want anything to sidetrack the sale from here on out! You will begin the final mortgage application process right away. Your lender will require additional information so be on the look out […]

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You’ve done it … you found the home you want to buy! Now you’re ready to make an offer and tackle some of the next steps that will make you a homeowner. First, it’s time to determine your offer price and the amount of your earnest money deposit to show you’re a serious buyer. You’ll […]

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House hunting can be overwhelming, time consuming, and yes, even exhausting some days. But there’s no reason it has to be that way if you follow some simple strategies that will streamline your search and make you “shop” productively But before you can even start looking at homes, you need to go through several steps […]

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Today’s mortgages are not “one-size-fits-all.” That means you’ve got lots of options out there that could fit your budget and finances. This is good news for many home buyers! However, you do need to do your homework first so that your mortgage application can be processed properly and with success. The lending environment can be […]

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Coming up with a lump sum of money for a down payment can be scary and daunting to many first-time buyers. You definitely don’t want to wipe out your entire savings to purchase a home. It doesn’t have to be a roadblock to homeownership! Once you’ve got your monthly budget all set and know approximately […]

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One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a homebuyer is not knowing how much you can REALLY afford when purchasing a home. The next mistake is thinking too “big picture” when it comes to price range or purchase price. Stop right here before you make these mistakes! You’re going to learn the correct […]

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Before you start looking for a home you must first define and choose the type of life you want to live. Your answers to the questions below will help make sure that your real estate decisions and the home you buy will match this life you want.  You’re the one who will be living in […]

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Knowing the challenges of PCSing,
moving to unfamiliar places, and
 the ever-changing military schedule,
I specialize in helping
our valued active/retired military members and veterans 
**sell their home while moving to their new location or
**find the right home if moving to/living in Delaware while helping
**plan their path to homeownership
using their
BAH and VA Loan benefits

I offer
**Virtual home tours while you're in the moving process,
**Step-by-step guidance throughout the home buying/selling process
**Honest and clear answers to your questions

Yes, let's TALK!!

For every military member I help to buy or sell their home

A donation of $100 to the DAFB USO will be made in the
member's/veteran's name.

My Way of Giving Back

Proudly Serving Those Who Serve Our Country

Whether buying or selling,
let's get your questions answered and
discuss how I can help!  
{It costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time}

PCSing to DAFB?
PCSing/Relocating to a new area?
Renting on or off Base?
Retired/Veteran wanting to buy in Delaware?